Ginger Blues – Rezension Niederlande

Jan Hirte has been playing for a number of years in Berlin’s blues circuit and has shared the stage with a number of artists. He still has an eye for new talent and would like to see a partnership when he sees potential.

In addition to his own band Jan Hirte’s Blue Ribbon, he is part of Kat Baloun and the Allycats, Guitar Crusher and the Mellowtones and the First Class Blues Band. Just like our Brabant nights, the Berlin nights are known for a very long time, and right there, Jan Hirte has run out of Jessie Gordon from Australia. Both have completely found each other in the musical field and combined each other’s forces into the Ginger Blues project. Jessie Gordon moves between jazz, roots and blues music and has performed in the past with bands like Sassafras, Darling Buds, Stratosfunk, Dirty Blues Band and Apocalypse Lounge.

Only with musical support of counter bassist Dorian Gillis and testist Matthias Falkenau, Hirte and Gordon have selected twelve covers that they have entirely devised. Jan Hirte knows it perfectly as a guitarist and clearly explains the lines and, in combination with Dorian Gillis and Matthias Falkenau, shows the lack of a percussionist.

Berlin Nights opens with the jazzy swinging piano blues Shake That Thing in which the jazzy voice of Jessie Gordon resembles. Also My Baby Upsets Me and Roll ‚em Pete fall within the genre piano blues and Jan Hirte fills her and there like no other with beautiful guitar parties. In addition, there is space for relaxed ballads as I’ll Drown In My Own Tears and Tennesse Whiskey / I’d Rather Go Blind, in which Jessie in Tennesse Whiskey / I’d rather Go Blind deals with the excellent gastronomist Stefano Ronchi. Fine And Mellow and God Bless The Child is close to jazz, with the latter having a wonderful deep foundation from counter bassist Dorian Gillis. On the continuing rippling Fishing Blues, Jan Hirte claims the vocals and fills Gordon with backing vocals. In this song she also has the unclear hand, an instrument that we also hear from the traditional sounding rag Up Above My Head, in which we also hear guest vocalist Stefano Ronchi again. In the slow blast In The Dark, Jan Hirte gets all the space to display his awesome guitar technique. Bassist Dorian Gillis takes that space with a nice intro in Voodoo Woman and then launches a beautiful groove that will be colored later with keys and guitar parties. The cd decides with the relaxed Nightlife, in which Jessie Gordon is tastefully accompanied by key artist Matthias Falkenau.

Berlin Nights, an album that appeared on the German Stormy Monday Records label, has become an extremely atmospheric cd and hosts a combination of rolling piano blues, relaxed jazzy tunes and soulful ballads. Hirte has gathered a number of craftsmen who can lay down a very solid foundation for the highly talented singer Jessie Gordon.

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